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Product images are very important and play a vital role in the e-Commerce industry, customer’s look and feel the products by its virtual appearance and then decide whether to buy the product or not. Now a day, digital competition over e-Commerce platform is increasing at a greater speed. Thus, professionals are required to perform product photo editing tasks and can be hired in-house if possible.

It is important that your focus on core business operations like sales and marketing should remain intact. So, outsourcing product photo editing services to a trusted company is essential. India is well known destination for outsourcing due to the easy availability of highly qualified photo editors at reasonable costs.

Data Entry Inc is considered as the most trusted outsourcing partner for offering image editing services at affordable prices to clients from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, etc. We are experts in catering wide range of image editing services for your e-Commerce product photos and make them look professional, realistic and vibrant on your web portals.

Avail Our Wide Range of Product Photo Editing Services:

Data Entry Inc offers top notch quality results for your product images to be uploaded on e-Commerce platform. Our list of product image editing services includes:

Product Photo Retouching:

The images on e-Commerce platform should be vibrant and colorful to attract the attention of customers and make them purchase decisions. Products can be jewelry, furniture, instruments, apparels, etc. and has different image editing needs. Thus, we have professional team of photo editors to perform your e-Commerce product photo retouching work.

Ecommerce Product Image Editing:

We are specialized in performing e-Commerce product image editing work that gives high quality results for your products. We perform retouching, background removal, color correction, black and white to color images, shadow creation, white background removal, etc. to make your images professional and decent on your e-Commerce website and deliver results within deadlines.

Product Photo Background Removal:

Due to multiple requirements and color combinations of various e-Commerce portals, it is required to remove the background from images to give the perfect focus on your product features. In some web portals, it is mandatory to follow a pre-defined design format and thus, e-Commerce vendor’s needs to change their product photo backgrounds according to the e-Commerce portal suitability.

Product Photo Color Correction:

In some images, colors play a vital role to change the appearance of those products, it looks different in plain white background and gives a different appearance in colorful or natural backgrounds. In our color correction services we use professional Photoshop Suite to make sure that your e-Commerce products get perfect color proportions that suit your product pictures and make it more pleasant on web store.

Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joints:

It is important to give over all or 360⁰ virtual look of a product if it has more than one side and needs to showcase entire product features. Thus, for apparels we perform ghost mannequin service or neck joint service to complete the image and show in-detail the layers of product. It requires special skills to perform neck joint services that give flawless image editing results. We remove a mannequin from your product images to make it more professional and realistic.

Ecommerce Photo Retouching:

If you have bulk volume photo retouching needs for your e-Commerce website, we at Data Entry Inc have flexible staffing to perform your bulk volume product photo editing work within your deadlines and deliver high quality results at cost effective prices. We perform photo retouching for your entire e-Commerce products having wide range of products with high efficiency.

Photoshop Drop Shadow:

Shadows give new life to products and make them more realistic for customers as they feel the product appearance. Dropping a shadow below the product having a white background will make your products more professional and give them a vibrant look. We can also create shadows on multiple products in one frame and having multiple backgrounds using advanced tools of Photoshop Suite.

Outsource E-Commerce Product Image Editing Work in India

  • Outsourcing product image editing work will make your core operations smooth and quick.
  • India is having a large pool of talented photo editors with years of experience and expertise.
  • Professionals trust India based outsourcing company to perform their product photo editing tasks.
  • It is highly secure to share your image data with an India based outsourcing partner company.
  • You can hire a virtual assistant for your product image editing work at cost effective prices in India.
  • Bulk volume photo editing work can be performed within stipulated time frames at the Data Entry Inc.
  • Free Trial Run is offered before confirmation of final project to show the top quality results.

Process for Outsourcing Product Photo Editing Services to Us

As an, India based outsourcing company, we have designed a systematic procedure that we implement for executing our digital photo editing services as follows:

Collection of Images:

We receive your product images to be edited after the approval of sample picture and collect your editing requirements with specifications.

Analysis of Needs:

To make sure that we save on your time and efforts, our team selects most appropriate tools and software for editing tasks.

Perform Photo Editing:

Our experts edit your product images as per your needs and deliver error free image results within the given time frames.

Quality Assurance Process:

It is important that your images look perfect and we do not compromise on work results thus perform quality check round for images.

Send Edited Image Files:

Once we perform photo editing work, our team will send you the final results of images in the desired file format through secure networks.

Why to Hire Photo Editing Experts for your Product Photographs?

  • To make your product images more suitable for the e-Commerce portal
  • Perform core business operations accurately by outsourcing photo editing task
  • It gives product image enhancement and results in high increase in sales
  • To remove or change image background according to e-Commerce portal needs.
  • Hiring virtual image editors from a professional outsourcing company is affordable.
  • Personalized image editor will make more efforts to improve your image products.

Benefits of Digital Product Photo Editing Services at Data Entry Inc

Data Entry Inc is professional outsourcing companies that provide a variety of image editing services for your e-Commerce products and deliver high end quality results. We also serve our clients with:

High Quality Results:

We make sure that our team delivers committed standard quality results for your e-Commerce product images.

Cost Effective Pricing:

Our rates of product photo editing services are comparatively lower and give suitable packages within your budget.

Quick delivery of Output:

We have a flexible team working on your image editing work that will deliver results as per your given time lines.

Bulk Volume Editing:

If you want to change your entire product images, we are ready to serve you with quick and quality driven bulk volume editing services.

Latest Tools and Software:

Our systems are upgraded and updated with advanced technology to cater you proficient results for your product images.

Customized Packages:

As per your e-Commerce portal requirements, we will give you comprehensive solutions to meet your target goals.

Free Trial Run on Sample:

Send your sample image today and try our free sample service to know more about quality results we promise to deliver.

Send us your project queries to know our offering that will make your website images more professional and customer oriented. Ask for a quote today by dropping a message or fill the form.

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