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Web development is the art of converting the digital websites to a lead generating machine. The website is the digital platform to showcase your company and your products in the most efficient, innovative and attractive way. Professional web developers at Data Entry Inc are skilled and talented to design and host your web sites to make them highly interactive, innovative and user-friendly to get easier access and smooth operations of your web pages. Our company offers a wide range of web design, graphic design, copy writing and web development services along with other data entry services. We are serving the fashion, photography, corporate and other industries that emphasize on digital medium for the sales and marketing purposes to get maximum lead generation with their website.

In India, web development services are offered at very cost affordable prices as compared to the other countries. Thus, it helps you to save on your operating cost and if you outsource the web development work to India based outsourcing web development services providing company it allow you to focus on the other core business operations. For web development service it requires special skills for coding that improves the functionality of the website and make it interactive one! It is easy to design a website with creativity, but it requires extra skills to develop a website and make the traffic flow, high to get the maximum lead generations with the help of web development services.

Data Entry Inc Offers Following Web Development Services

  • Web Application Development
  • PHP Web Development
  • Ecommerce Web Development
  • ASP.NET Web Development
  • XML5 and HTML Web Development
  • CMS Development Services
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Copy Writing Services
  • Responsive Website Development
  • The above mentioned is the list of our excellent offerings in web development services, as our professional team works dedicatedly to get your website with all the key words on the Google top rankings and to drive the targeted audience to your website.

Our Value-Added Web Development Services

Data Entry Inc Offer a full fledged web development services package for your website to get it renovated and optimize the features of your website by working on the various aspects of web development work. We offer the following services in web development:

CMS Development:

In this, we offer content management services to various websites, with effective contents that hit the mind of readers and get the attention to the content for getting the important and necessary information about the services and products offered by the company. This is done with the JOOMLA, PHP, MAGENTO, WORDPRESS web development.

Content Writing:

For managing the contents on the website with the help of various tools, we need to have effective contents along with SEO contents that not only attracts the customer and clients, but also it affects to the Google top rankings and it helps to get the superior quality results by the effective website contents.

Web Application Development:

Nowadays the web applications are getting high trend as the use of mobile phone applications is increasing. To have the core competence in the market it is essential to get matched with the advanced tools that are more user friendly and connect directly to the end users. Thus, our professional web developer’s team is skilled to make easy to access mobile friendly web applications.

Search Engine Optimization:

To drive the traffic to your website, it needs creative design, intuitive contents and a perfect SEO done on the website. It is essential to get the highest ratings of the website and make the audience flow increase with the help of an efficient SEO team that work dedicatedly on the optimization of your website.

Responsive Website Development:

We have noted that the customers are now interested in getting the information handy and thus use their mobile phones and other compact devices. For getting the responsive website it requires web development in such a way that the website is compatible and flexible enough to get into all sizes without any data loss or image overlaps. It is best to have a responsive web development for getting the more ratings and traffic flow.

PHP Development:

Our Company offer a wide range of web development services with all types of development features and thus our experts are experienced to give you a professional PHP based website with user friendly features and interactive operations. The PHP development is trending for highly complex websites and we get the best of it by our team.

ASP.NET Development:

At the early time ASP.NET was the only web development option before android and PHP development as there were not much interactive and complex development systems and tools used. Our experts are trained to get you the best in class websites that help you to meet the desired goals. We are ready to give you highly efficient and mobile friendly .Net web development services at very affordable prices.

XML5 and HTML Development:

We are having professional web developers that are experts in providing the most efficient XML5 web development and HTML web development services at very cost affordable prices and within the stipulated time frames. This web development tools are easy to design a website and it is highly used in the informative websites like Wikipedia pages or company information websites. There is no complex site map and it is easy to develop such website that is more efficient and get you the desired results.

Ecommerce Website Development:

In the competitive digital world, the Ecommerce is getting into the market with high acceleration as the online shopping is increasing day by day. Thus we offer a one stop solution for the Ecommerce website development with the help of MAGENTO web development to get the easy to access Ecommerce website and easy payment methods to make your customer satisfy by the user friendly features of your website. It includes the product management, shopping cart management, category management, etc.

Cloud Management:

Cloud management is the tool to get more space for the data on the website and thus it is essential to have a cloud management system for your website where the users can store their data and can have easy access to the data stored with the help of the cloud management system. To make your website more user-friendly and easy to access then the cloud management system is the best option you can have for your website.

Digital/Social Media Marketing:

It is essential to know the audience behaviour and get their response which directly hits the idea of social media marketing or digital marketing like on FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, TWITTER, etc. and plan the strategies accordingly. If you want to have a direct connect with the people or your targeted audience, then it is the best way to get in touch with them and get the best possible reviews which can make you improve more on your products and services and even in the contents of your website.

Benefits of Outsourcing Web Development Services

  • Web development services are very helpful in increasing the sales and bring in more clientele.
  • Web development will increase the efficiency of your website and make it more attractive, appealing and lead generating. This work needs much expertise and knowledge about new techniques and methods.
  • Outsourcing web development services will give you access to highly experienced team of web developers who will make sure you are getting the best quality of work.
  • You will be able to focus more on the core operations of your business and your resources will give you their best performances.
  • Web development services will take your business to the next level of success at very cost affordable prices in India.

Why to Outsource at Data Entry Inc?

  • Use of latest technology and proven methods by professional web developers.
  • Cost effective prices for web development service to save you up to 40-50% on your budget.
  • Best in class quality of services to meet your desired goals with high accuracy.
  • Faster delivery of results which meet with your deadlines and get you best quality results.
  • Highly experienced team of web developers and web designers to work dedicated to your website.
  • Confidentiality of your data is our superior priority and we take care of your business data with our high security systems.
  • 24*7 available customer support team to solve your queries and doubts so that we can achieve your 100% satisfaction.

So, get a quote of our best Web Development services today and ensure the success of your business.

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