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For any business the data plays a key role and is the core of the success of that company. The data cannot be true forever as the information keep on changes if there are contact details, postal address, employee details of the company, product prices, email address, designations, product specifications, etc. So the data needs to be updated and the missing data is to be collected from the various sources on internet or from offline database. It is important to get the precious data collected and create a master database that is easy to access for various operations of the company.

It requires skills to collect the specific data with minimal time and thus professionals are hired for the task to save on time and money. Outsourcing data collection services to our company will get you access to the experts with years of experience in this data collection work and will cater you with best in class quality results at cost affordable prices as our company is based in India.So, get in touch with our team today for the comprehensive solutions of your data collection requirements.

Data Collection Services Offered at Data Entry Inc

Our company offers a wide range of data collection services to clients across the globe and had delivered various successful projects with 100% customer satisfaction. Our data collection services are as follows:

  • Online Data Collection
  • Offline Data Collection
  • Data Collection from Books
  • Data Collection from Paper Forms
  • Data Collection of Contact Details
  • Data Collection of Address
  • Collection of Data from Files
  • Collection of Data from Websites
  • Data Collection from Specific Sources

Our Value Added Web-Data Collection Services

In this advancing digital world, the documentation are converting in the electronic form due to the easy access of information and easy sharing of data. In web data collection services at Data Entry Inc we have data collection of contact details, email addresses, postal address, zip codes, competitor’s product details, image information from graphs, pie charts, tables, etc. Web data collection services will get you access to online data available as per your specifications within the minimum time frames and you can save a lot on your budget with cost effective prices offered by our company.

Why to Outsource Data Collection Services to India?

  • To get the best classified data from a large pool of data available on internet and offline database or various resources.
  • Data collected is in the form of desired format like Excel, Ms Word, PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, XML, HTML, etc. and can also be converted in the required form.
  • It requires equipments and advanced infrastructure to perform the data collection work with high efficiency and thus outsourcing data collection prevent you from such investments.
  • Time taken for the data collection task is very long but outsourcing the same to professional experts can get the work done with quick delivery time frames.
  • You can focus on the core operations and can allocate your resources in other important tasks by outsourcing data collection to reliable outsourcing partners.
  • Save on your operating costs as the money and time will be saved by outsourced company like Data Entry Inc and providing efficient results.

Merit - Reasons of Outsourcing at Data Entry Inc

Our company is a leading data entry and data collection service provider company based in India, we are serving the industry with more than five years and have accomplished various projects successfully. Our key features are as follows:

High quality:

At, Data Entry Inc we do not compromise on the quality of data and thus we have three tiered vigorous quality check done by our QC team and are ready to give you superior quality results. Our expert offers results with high accuracy to offer zero errors in your database.

Data Security:

We have secured data transfer systems and are equipped with sensitive security systems to keep your business data highly confidential and to prevent any data loss from the servers we use secure FTP servers.

Customized Solutions:

As per the requirement of your company, we offer tailored services to meet your needs and offer you with desired results. Thus, we also have flexible staffing method to work on your bulk volumes in the given time ranges.

Customer Support:

Our customer relationship team is working dedicatedly to solve all your queries and doubts regarding your projects and our services at any time period and time zone you fall in.

Get in touch with our team and we will offer you the best quote for your data collection project.

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