Data Security & Confidentiality Measures

Our Company is serving the BPO industry with more than five years, by our quality oriented data entry services and other outsourcing services to clients across the world. Data Entry Inc is your one stop solution for entire non-core operations outsourcing services to get high competence by leveraging extra work to our expert team. Our main priority is to give high data security of your business data and maintain the trusted business relations with our clients.

In India, outsourcing services providers are known for their cost effective prices, quality results of data entry services, faster delivery of results, high accuracy and more. But our main concern is the trust factor and thus Data Entry Inc does not compromise on the security of your business data. We are ISO certified company that promise to deliver standard quality services along with desired results for your company. Keep faith in us and we promise to deliver our best level of outsourcing services.

Our Security and Privacy Terms

Data Entry Inc provides high security to your data or information shared with us to nullify the damage and miss usage of your company data. We have stringent security systems to protect your data from virus, criminal actions, cyber scams, and online data loss threats, etc. Our company has given limited access to the database and only allows selected authorities to access your business data that will give you reliable and trusted delivery of our services. We provide a single point of contact for your projects to eliminate the risk of miscommunication, data deduplication, etc. Avail the benefits of our secure and reliable outsourcing data entry services for your projects.

You will get high end security to ensure the privacy of your data. Our company will not use your business data that will harm your privacy policy in any terms and facts. We are supposed to take the information of your business only project oriented and data that will help us to improve the performance or services delivered by our expert team.

Confidentiality of Business Data

To ensure the data confidentiality, our team strives to protect your data through strict security measures implemented in the workplace of our company. All the data access points are highly system protected to ensure the data is within the trusted hands. No unauthorized persons have right to access or use data of your business.

Data Entry Inc is equipped with enough security systems as CCTV camera, team viewer software, and other safety tools to monitor the operations and ensure the data is handled with care. As a leading outsourcing company based in India, we do not take any steps that harm your data confidentiality and strict actions are taken in case of violation of privacy act to protect your business data from threats.

Our Security Measures

We at Data Entry Inc have applied many essential safety measures in order to ensure the safety of your documents and data. We make sure all the security arrangements are up to date and work efficiently.

CCTV Cameras:

Our workplace is secured with best quality CCTVs with infrared technology to safeguard the data and infrastructure of our company. We regularly check the CCTV footages and confirm that they all work perfectly and give high resolution results.

Confidentiality Agreements:

The employees at Data Entry Inc need to sign a confidentiality agreement form that binds them in the rule of maintaining complete security of the client’s details. Our agreement protects your company’s details from any misuse or harm.

Firewalls and Anti-virus:

The networks we use to transfer data files and the server on which we work are highly secured with the help of firewalls and advanced anti-virus. We ensure that the safety software work without any fault by regular checks.

Secured FTP servers:

To transfer the data with our global clients, we trust only secure FTP servers implemented at our company. It will ensure the safety of data for any loss or damage during the transmission to safeguard your business data.

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