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Data is a precious ‘jewel’ for any organization as the success of company depends on the quality of data in the database. In this digital world, it becomes mandatory to move with a greater pace to be in the competition and thus it requires flexible data. For the higher flexibility of data it is converted in to digital form with the help of various resources like PDF, Excel, TIFF, JPG, PNG, XML, etc. in to the desired form to convert the data into most easily accessible form. It requires time, efforts and money for this data conversion process. However, if you outsource data conversion work to Data Entry Inc an India based company, we assure you to give cost affordable service with high quality and high accuracy results. Choose as your data conversion outsourcing partner to day and get benefited!

Data Conversion Services We Offer

Data Entry Inc offers the following data conversion services at cost affordable prices:

  • File conversion to PDF
  • File conversion to Excel
  • File conversion to word
  • File conversion to HTML
  • File conversion to Image (JPG, PNG)
  • File conversion to TIFF
  • File conversion from Manuscripts
  • File conversion from Invoice Image
  • File conversion from Online database
  • File conversion from source

Our Specified Data Conversion Services

There are various file formats available in which different files or documents are converted to get the easy access to valuable data. Data Entry Inc offers the following data conversion services:

PDF conversion:

PDF file are non-edited documents which are currently used in every business house. It is flexible and easy to share with larger sizes, thus we provide PDF conversion from word, excel, etc. and vice versa.

Doc conversion:

The documents of Ms Word or the text files are needed to be converted in various formats like spreadsheet, presentation, image, etc. It is the most simple documents conversion file.

Excel Conversion:

In many companies, sheets are converted in PDF to share the pictorial data and it can also be converted into the word or text file as per the requirements.

Image Conversion:

There are various image files as PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, etc. to share the pictorial data and it can also be converted into the word or text file as per the requirements.

Word formatting:

In word formatting, the data is converted in the appropriate from to design or format some specific information like graphs, charts, pie charts, tables, etc. for easy data conversion.

HTML conversion:

For the designing part or coding in HTML, it is required to convert the simple text into HTML form and to extract the data; HTML is converted into simple text documents.

XML conversion:

Data from various websites are collected and the files are converted into easily accessible XML formats which can be used from anywhere and keep the data handy.

Data management:

In data conversion, we manage the data from source to final destination. It is a combination of person and technology to manage the data. We have various file formats like HTML, TIFF, My sol, etc. where the data base is managed to get the information converted in a flexible manner.

Advantage of Outsourcing Data Conversion Services

  • The main benefits of outsourcing data conversion work to our company is the experience and skills that our professional possess. They are efficiently giving world class quality results with minimum errors and within the stipulated time frames.
  • It is a superior priority of any business to get the data flexible and reach anytime, anywhere so as to serve their client’s with high satisfactory level. Thus, outsourcing non-core work of data conversion to our company will allow you to focus on core operations.
  • There are many scanners, converters, computer and automated systems and technology required for this conversion task. You will get access to our equipments and tools at most affordable prices.

Steps to Successful Data Conversion Services

At Data Entry Inc, we have proven methodologies that we apply to your data conversion work for the guaranteed results with zero data loss.

Receive Files:

We receive files from clients with the help of our secured FTP services and can also share the data with other secured networks or web based application.


We go through the data and select the best possible option for the conversion of your data more efficiently to get it done with great ease.


We convert your files step by step and monitor the process of conversion for zero errors.

Quality Check:

We do vigorous quality check with the help of our QC team to assure you about our quality.


We depart the final converted files as per the required from with the help of suggested medium.

Advantage of Outsourcing Data Conversion Services

  • Our company is securing the industry from many years and has delivered highly satisfactory outputs to clients across the globe and in India.
  • Expert’s professionals are working dedicatedly to serve you exceptional results that meet your desired goals and accomplish your targets.
  • We offer customized solutions according to the needs of your business and your budget to meet your expectation and give you benefits.
  • There are highly efficient tools and advanced software in the infrastructure of Data Entry Inc with dual monitor systems and other tools.
  • The specialists are trained enough to get you successful results and offer you fast turnaround time to beat the competition in deadline states.
  • Cost affordable prices of our services will save you up to 60% on your budget.

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