Outsource Data Typing Services at Affordable Rates

Typing services are required for every business group with the small or large database. As it is a basic need to convert all the data in written or printed form to be typed in the digital form for better access to the data. Data typing can be done in various formats as PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, etc. with conversion of handwritten or printed documents into electronic. Data typing service requires speed and accuracy along with knowledge of the process. It is easy to find any details present in database system, just a need of entering the keyword. When you choose to outsource data typing services to professional service provider based in India, it will save your time, resources and money.

Outsourcing typing services to a reliable and trusted partner company will give you the core competence by providing the best quality results. Our Company is one of the most reliable BPO services provider based in India. We offer customized services to make your database organized and minimize the handling of paper documents, forms or sheets. The cost effective data typing services offered at Data Entry Inc are the most beneficial aspect for your company. We have a variety of software available for data typing work and serve global clients from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc. with our efficient and quality driven data typing services.

Data Typing Services We Offer

Our company has a strong team of typists that offers a vivid range of data typing services that meet your company requirements. We offer some of the major used data typing services as follows:

  • Manuscripts Typing
  • Typing from Books
  • Legal Documents Typing
  • Resume Typing
  • Copy Typing
  • General Typing
  • Digital Typing
  • Typing from Document
  • Typing from Application Forms
  • Data Typing of Directories
  • Data Typing of Products Details
  • Review or Description Typing
  • Re-Typing of Documents
  • Typing from Study Material, etc.

Our Valuable Data Typing Services Provide

Online Data Typing Service:

The data typing is offered for online data that is present on various websites, search engines, e-Commerce portals, company website, blogs, directories, etc. It becomes easy to collect the data from online sources and type data in the desired file format. Ex. If you need to type medical prescriptions online for your company records, it is better to outsource online typing services at affordable prices.

Offline Data Typing Service:

It includes typing of data from offline sources or paper documents. The data in hard copies can be converted into digital form by data typing work. Offline data typing service will give you easy access to the data present in piles of documents and can be used for decision making or strategic purpose. It is better to outsource offline typing services to Data Entry Inc at cost effective prices and focus on core business operations of your company.

Major Benefits of Outsourcing Typing Services in India

Data typing is a time consuming work, it requires expert skills to type the data with high accuracy and high speed to meet the desired goal of your company. If you perform data typing work in your company, it requires equipments and resources that will directly increase your cost on budget. India based outsourcing services provider companies offer competitive prices to suit your budget and give quality driven results in minimum time ranges. The reduction in paper documents by data typing services will save your document management cost and space of the organization.

India Based Outsourcing Service Provider Companies Offer

  • High data security of business documents is offered by a trusted service provider.
  • Get solutions for your queries regarding your data typing work within a short time span.
  • Easy access to advanced tools and technology used at the outsourcing partner company.
  • Hire skilled professionals in Data Entry Inc for performing your data typing work.
  • Low costs for outsourcing data typing services are available at our India based company.
  • We offer bulk volume data typing results for your company in given time frames.
  • To meet the deadlines of your company, we give you quick delivery of quality oriented results.
  • Outsource data typing services to Data Entry Inc and get the best quality service results at affordable rates.

Our Process for Offshore Data Typing Services

Data Entry Inc is a trusted offshore outsourcing services provider company in India. Our global clients avail benefits of our systematic data typing services as follows:

Collection of Raw Data:

To type the data of your company, we get approval of the sample project and collect the data to be typed from your staff.

We Select Process:

After analyzing the data to be typed and the file format, we select the best appropriate tool and technique used for typing process.

Perform Data Typing Work:

Our dedicated experts in Data Entry Inc perform data typing work of your company with high accuracy and speed.

Quality Checking of Data:

To ensure the error free database, we have a specialized quality check team that rectifies errors and correct them.

Send Typed Data File:

The complete file of data typing is sent to your company after the quality check process in the desired file format.

Get Feedback:

If you have any doubts or query regarding our data typing services, feel free to contact our customer support team anytime!

Choose Data Entry Inc as Your Outsourcing Partner Today!

  • We offer top notch quality typing services with high accuracy results.
  • The fast turnaround time offered by our professional typists gives you results within deadlines.
  • Our skilled experts are always ready to deliver desired results with knowledge and expertise.
  • Advanced tools are equipped in our company for most reliable and quality driven results.
  • Solve your bulk volume non-core operations with our flexible staffing methods available.
  • Get the customized solutions for your data typing service requirement as per your business.
  • The affordable rates are offered on our outsourcing services to reduce your operating cost.
  • We have a strong customer support team that works throughout the week to help you.
  • Data Entry Inc offers FREE TRIAL RUN for data typing services to get a quality check.

Outsource any typing service requirement to our expert typists and avail the benefits of our affordable prices. If you have any questions, let us know or get in touch with us today for a quote!

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