Raster to Vector Conversion Services

For various industries emerging online, graphics play an important role in the success of businesses having a virtual impact through images. There are various file formats for images, but most prominently, suitable and ideal image type is a vector image. Vector images are clearer, detailed and vibrant that makes your objects more attractive and enhances your image results. In recent times, conversion of images from raster to vector type in rapidly increasing due to high quality results delivered by vector images.

If you have raster images to be converted into vector type, outsourcing raster to vector image conversion services is the best suitable option for your business operations. In India, Data Entry Inc is considered as the most trusted and suitable partner company for outsourcing your raster to vector conversion work at cost effective prices. We are experts in offering quick, accurate and quality driven vector images regardless of volume of work.

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We Offer Following Raster to Vector Services

Data Entry Inc caters global clients with professional raster to vector conversion services at cost effective prices. Our wide range of service includes:

PDF to Vector Conversion

It is quite easy to transfer PDF image files, but the picture resolution and clarity of a raster image is dull with uneven edges and low quality of image. Thus, we offer top notch quality raster PDF to vector image conversion service to deliver quality results with high accuracy and quick delivery of results. We also convert PDF images into AI, SVG, EPS, DXF, etc. vector file formats as per your needs.

PNG/JPG to Vector Conversion

We will convert your raster images available in .PNG, .JPG, or the .JPEG file format into vector images for accurate results of your images. We serve your dull images that are not professional into seamless designs of your graphics of vector images using various advanced software such as Photoshop Suite, Vector Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc. You will save a lot on your time and resources if you outsource PNG/JPG to vector conversion at the Data Entry Inc.

Bitmap to Vector Conversion

Bitmap is a famous file format of photographs and used commonly in various industries. As you are a professional photography firm, it may interest you to convert your raster images in Bitmap format into vector photo with high efficiency. Outsourcing raster to vector conversion services will save your time and money for the same.

Portrait Raster to Vector

If you have pre wedding shoots or other photographs of your family, friends, pet animals, etc. we can make them interesting by converting them from raster to vector and enhance your images with our professional touch. Your face beauty can be converted into vector images for high resolution and correction of errors due to natural lights performed by our expert team.

2D Drafting from Raster

For many mechanical operations and engineering industry, it is better to convert raster images into a vector format for easy operations and data conversion from one file format into another. It will make your business activities smooth, fast and reliable.

3D Drafting from Raster

In some of the images, there are 3D drafting required to convert 2D platform in the third dimension, we are expert in providing raster to vector image conversion work with our powerful and latest vector convertor software implemented in Data Entry Inc. and has been practiced over the years by our experts.

Industries We Cater with Raster to Vector Conversion Services

  • Photography Firms
  • Fashion Studios
  • Photo Studios
  • Web Designing
  • Mechanical Designs
  • Creative Studios
  • Real Estate Images
  • Corporate Prints
  • E-Commerce Portals
  • Design Engineering, etc.

Outsourcing Procedure for PDF to Vector Conversion Services

Data Entry Inc follows a pre-defined method to perform PDF to vector conversion services in order to deliver accurate and reliable results for bulk volume operations. The steps to be followed are given as:

Step 1:

Once you approve our sample image, we collect all the details of your main project and understand your needs with specifications.

Step 2:

We will analyze the raster images in a PDF file and accordingly choose method to perform conversion task with high efficiency.

Step 3:

Our team will perform raster to vector conversion in your desired file format with high accuracy within your given time lines.

Step 4:

To confirm the process is accomplished successfully, we take quality assurance test to ensure high quality results that give you an error free images.

Step 5:

We will submit the raster files in your required file format as SVG, AI, EPS, DXF, PDF, etc. and send through secure data transfer systems.


Let us know if you have any changes required or any other queries and doubts to be resolved after the submission of the final file. We believe in delivering high value customer satisfaction.

Software We Use to Perform Raster to Vector Image Conversion

  • Vector Magic
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Wise Image
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Magic Tracer
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw

Why Outsource Raster to Vector Services at Data Entry Inc?

The following reasons are benefits offered by our company based in India available at cost effective prices. Data Entry Inc delivers raster to vector image conversion services with:

Expert Photo Editors:

Our professional photo editors have deep knowledge and skills to perform raster to vector conversion proficiently.

High Quality Image Results:

Vector images we deliver are top quality with every minute detail covered and with high picture clarity.

Flexible Staffing Method:

To work on your bulk volume operation, we implement flexible staffing for delivery of your work in time limits.

Required File Format:

As per your business need, we can give you various file formats for vector images such as .PNG, .BMP, .TIFF, .JPEG, .GIF, etc.

State of the Art Technology:

Data Entry Inc has the perfect balance of skilled team and technology advancement to deliver standard results.

High Data Confidentiality:

For protecting your data from loss, damage and threats, we have high data security systems at our work place.

Customer Support Team:

We are always ready to give you solutions for your emerging queries regarding our raster to vector conversion services.

Free Trail Run:

Send your sample image for vector conversion and we will submit the results within 24 hours to show our quality work.

Get in touch with our team to have a quote for your raster to vector image conversion project. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible with comprehensive solutions and cost effective packages.

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