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Images play a vital role in print media and digital media as they reflect the standards and quality offered by the company they represent. It is essential to cover minute details in such images to focus on business goals and make more profit. Professionals hired in-house for image masking tasks may be cost adding as it is not a full time job. Outsourcing image masking services in India to a trusted and reliable partner company is a more suitable option to choose from bulk.

Data Entry Inc is a leading company based in India that offers free trial run before commencing final projects of photo masking. We offer affordable, high quality oriented image masking results with quick delivery of results assured.

  • To remove background from images with furry and hairy subjects like human hairs, fur clothes, animals with fur skin, etc.
  • For editing photo having detailed matter and require professional editing expertise to change the image background and color.
  • Product photo editing for e-Commerce portals having minute details or fur like objects such as clothes for kids, animals, furry woolen wears, etc.
  • Image masking service offer better results if you have transparent or translucent objects in your photographs with net or plastic material involved.
  • It is ideal to outsource image masking services for color change required in hairy or furry pictures of your portrait images and other objects.

List of Image Masking Services Offered at Data Entry Inc

Our Company expertise in photo masking services offered with top notch quality results to clients across the globe. We provide following services to meet your digital image masking needs:

Basic Layer Masking -

It is offered for simple changes to be made in the image and the subjects in the picture does not have any minor details. Basic layer masking service is also available for bulk volume image masking work at cost effective prices. Get high quality results for your images within given time frames.

Advanced Layer Masking -

For e-Commerce platforms, digital print media, brochures, catalogs, booklets, etc. it is essential to have perfect images of products, objects and material that also cover fuzzy edges with fur and hairs. Professional photo editors at Data Entry Inc will offer you superior quality results for your multi layered photographs.

Complex Layer Masking -

In complex layer masking service, we handover your images to professional experts that has years of experience in photo editing work. Our team is skilled with the latest tools and technology to fulfill your needs with high efficiency. We will perform image masking for your critical images that require high attention and submit the work within stipulated time frames.

Transparent Image Masking -

It is most difficult task to perform image editing work on pictures that have transparent objects such as water, plastic, net, glass, etc. but we have expert team of photo editors hired at Data Entry Inc to perform your image masking task with transparent and semi transparent objects with high efficiency. The prices are within your budget even for bulk volume operations.

Photoshop Hair Masking -

We perform Photoshop hair masking services for digital photographs that indulge human hairs, fur clothes, pet animals with furry skin, etc. Mostly hair masking services are used for portrait images that cover human hairs as well as animals. In fashion photographs also, hair masking service is required due to various apparels carried by models. Our team is expert in using Adobe Photoshop Suite for the same.

Multi Cannel Image Masking -

Our customized packages also involve image masking services for multi channel layers in your digital photos to give in-depth details. If the image is having natural scenery, public places with many elements involved in one frame, water bodies, etc. and then multi channel image masking services will deliver cleaner, accurate and perfect results for your critical images.

Raster Channel Masking -

In our raster channel masking services, we convert normal images into a raster form with high efficiency and change color of hairs, fur, cloths or fabric as per your requirements. It is essential to get the work performed by experts for smooth operations of your business. We take utmost care of your minute details in images and perform raster channel masking services with high proficiency.

Process We Perform for Digital Image Masking Services

Our team executes simple steps to precede your photo masking work at Data Entry Inc and deliver flawless results. The stepwise process is given as:

Step 1

is to collect your images with the requirements mentioned to perform photo masking services.

Step 2

includes analysis of images to be masked and performing tasks accordingly with the right tools.

Step 3

will be quality check round for the images masked to ensure error free high quality results.

Step 4

is performed to send the final images in the required file format to our clients within deadlines.

Step 5

is to get feedback of our work and to make changes suggested and required by our client.

Reasons to Choose Data Entry Inc for Outsourcing Image Masking Services

Join hands with India’s top outsourcing service provider for your image masking requirements and stay assured of superior quality results of your images. We serve global clients with:

  • High end resolution of digital photographs is offered with minute details as hair, fur and fuzzy edges.
  • Accurate results are delivered to your image masking work performed within the given time frames.
  • We offer bulk volume operations for piles of your pictures to be masked & change the background.
  • Strict data security systems are implemented at Data Entry Inc to protect your images from loss or damage.
  • We are updated with latest software & tools to give smooth operations for your background removal task.
  • Avail our customized Photoshop masking service package to meet your needs available within your budget.
  • Free trial run is offered for your sample photograph to showcase the top quality result of our digital photo masking services.

Get in touch with our core team of professional photo editors and you will get comprehensive solutions for your images to be masked. Ask for a quote today!

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