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Data Entry Inc is an India based outsourcing company offering data entry services with high quality and accuracy results. We have a strong team of professional experts serving our global clients successfully from last three plus years. We have worked with companies established across many nations like UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Germany, Brazil, UAE, etc. Outsourcing at Data Entry Inc will get you access to talented workforce and advanced tools for reliable results.

Experts at Data Entry Inc are skilled and experienced that will always satisfy our customers with excellent performances and can be hired to get the high volume work done at affordable prices that will save your precious time and money. The effective communication of our team leads us to the success in outsourcing data entry, data processing, transcription and other services with high customer satisfaction.

Data Entry Inc Offers Best in Class Talent for Back Office Outsource Work

Data entry operators of our company maintain very strong and fruitful relations with customers. We believe that honesty, faith and commitment are the roots to strengthen any business relations. Outsource your overloaded back office task to our experts and concentrate on your other crucial branches of business.

We promise our clients to give quality oriented outsourcing services within the stipulated time ranges. Your business data is kept safe and secure when you choose outsourcing companies based in India with best security systems for data confidentiality.

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Project Portfolio

  • Web Research-Email Searching Project
  • This project involved deep web research in searching the email addresses of person working in a particular company.
  • Web Research-Law Firms
  • This project involved web research in searching and data collection of law firms.
  • Linkedin Project
  • In this project, we verified the person’s name, designation and the company name from LinkedIn.
  • Jewelry Project
  • This project involved writing description about Jewelry mark and save those images in bit map format.
  • Grocery Project
  • This was a very good project where we received the daily advertisements about grocery stores in PDF format and we entered the product details into the client's website.
  • Ebay Project
  • This project involved collecting the product details about lift kit from various source links and to add them in to client's ebay site.
  • Bank Notes Project
  • In this project, we collected the data about the dollars and year of publishing.
  • Excel Formatting Project
  • This project involved collection of data from two separate excel files and entering it into one excel file.
  • Restaurant Project
  • In this project, we were collecting the data about the restaurant menu and were entering into the client's online restaurant website.
  • SymmetryCRM Project
  • This project involved receiving loan application documents in the form of PDF & JPEG as input files and we entered the data of loan applicant into web based software known as https://symmetrycrm.com.au. We worked for 2 years on this project.
  • Currency Note Project
  • This project involved collecting details about the currency notes from PDF format and entering into excel file.
  • Book Typing Project
  • This project involved collecting data from books to MS excel.
  • House Marking Project
  • This project involved checking google maps and marking the houses where development of top floors was possible.
  • Web Research Business Searching Project
  • This project involved deep web research in searching businesses from the given street addresses.
  • 3M Data Task Project
  • This project involved collecting the details about the 3M data from the given websites and entering into excel file.

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