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The conference call is referred as, where one or more speakers talk about a particular issue to one or more audience. In conference call there are virtual listeners for a company’s discussion on a particular topic. It is very hard to remember all the points discussed in a conference call and require audio or video recordings to save it for future references. Outsourcing conference call transcription services to Data Entry Inc is the best possible option for your company.

Our Company is specialized in offering a wide range of conference transcription services with the help of dedicated transcribers. Our transcription services involve audio, video, academic, business, student, podcasts, etc. As conferences are part of every business, we serve various industries like education, real estate, engineering, etc. to clients from UK, USA, Australia, and Canada, etc. Data Entry Inc gives the best quality services at affordable rates as per your time frames.

Get Following Conference Transcription Services Outsourced

Data Entry Inc offers two types of conference transcription services that will give you a quality driven results with high precision.

Express Transcription:

In this transcription, our transcribers will perform word-to-word transcript of the conference or conference call for accurate results with all the detailed spoken words. Such transcriptions are used for record keepings majorly for legal procedures or important discussions.

Essence Transcription:

It will transcribe the meaningful part of the whole conference recording. For leading business houses, it is not essential to have all the details, but a summary of the conversation in the conference call or conferences and they prefer to transcribe files in a smarter way.

Thus, outsourcing conference transcription or conference call transcription services help for various industries and we have an expert team to perform the same with high accuracy and best quality.

Features of Conference Call Transcription Services Outsourcing

  • High accuracy transcription results for call recordings.
  • Saving time on non-core operations for business development.
  • Budget oriented services that are lower costs than hiring staff.
  • Timely delivery of bulk volume results with accuracy.
  • Best technology and tools used at cost effective prices.
  • Get conference transcribes for various business operations.

How to Outsource Conference Call Transcription Services

Data Entry Inc performs a systematic procedure for outsourcing conference call transcription services as followed by our transcribers. The process is as follows:

1. Our team collects the data of your audio/video conference call recording file to understand the need of your transcription work.

2. As per your work needs, our professionals will accordingly transcribe the files call recording with high accuracy and quality.

3. We believe in providing high customer satisfaction and thus, provide proofreading of conference transcription for flawless results.

4. Once the process is complete, we send the final transcript file of the conference call within the stipulated time frames.

5. We would like to know your feedback and suggestions for improvising our services and building strong future relations.

Data Entry Inc - Perfect Partner for Outsourcing Transcription Services!

Get the following advantages by outsourcing conference transcription services to experts at Data Entry Inc for your audio files.

Get High Quality and Accuracy:

Our expert data entry operators are trained to give you the best quality of work with complete accuracy required in the document.

Fast Turnaround Time Offered:

Our skilled team offers quick delivery of results to make time for any last minute changes that are required.

Avail Affordable Costs:

Our services are having cost effective prices and help you to save up to 60% on your budget.

High Data Security Served:

We make use of the secured FTP servers for file transfer along with firewalls and antivirus for safety and confidentiality of your data.

Get Latest Technologies:

We have the best tools and techniques for the data entry work with proven and latest methodologies of working to give you our best results.

Customer Care Available:

Our customer support team is available to solve your queries regarding our services.

If you have any query, get in touch with our business relationship manager or try our FREE TRIAL RUN today!

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