OCR Cleanup Services

OCR Cleanup services are important for the error free database, in case you are using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for the business data entry work. If you choose to outsource OCR services to a professional company based in India, Data Entry Inc will be your perfect solution. Our expert team of OCR is having deep knowledge of cleanup techniques and proven methods to perform the cleanup work. Outsourcing OCR cleanup services to Data Entry Inc will save a lot on your budget and valuable timings.

It is necessary to get the database error free for reliable and strong business operations and require a skilled team to perform such time-consuming task. Our Company is known for the superior quality results offered to global clients across the world. If you have bulk volumes of invoices to be cleaned up, we are ready to serve you with fast turnaround time services. There are various file formats known by our professionals that will simplify your non-core operations of your business. Avail the benefits of outsourcing OCR cleanup services and hire our team for your business success growth today!

Our OCR Cleanup Services Offers

Data Entry Inc will cater your companywith a wide range of outsourcing OCR services at most competitive prices with the help of our professional expert team. Our offered OCR cleanup services are as follows:

OCR Database Cleanup:

Database is the main information center that needs to be precise and perfect with minimum or zero errors for the growth of your company. We provide you best in class quality OCR database cleanup services to remove duplicate, irrelevant data and minor mistakes in your database.

OCR Bulk Volumes:

There are many invoices generated in your company on a regular basis that needs to be cleaned up, it is not possible to perform such operations in the middle of critical activities. Thus, it is advisable to outsource OCR bulk volume cleanup work to our experts in order to get quality oriented faster delivery of results at cost effective prices.

OCR Error Control:

We have developed unique methods to control the error generated during the OCR process. It will make your documents precise and correct with the implementation of proven methods and experienced team at support to perform your OCR error control work.

OCR Data Conversion Cleanup:

The conversion process of paper documents in the digital one is very critical and time consuming, it is hard to do quality check simultaneously. Thus, our experts perform top-notch quality OCR data conversion cleanup work to nullify the errors during the conversion process.

Features OF Outsourcing OCR Cleanup Services in India

Data Entry Inc is a leading company based in India that provides best in class OCR services according to your business requirements at affordable prices. The classic advantages of outsourcing in India for your OCR cleanup service project are as follows:

  • You will get error free OCR service results with high accuracy and precision.
  • It will save on your investments and will help you make strong financial decisions.
  • Get easy access to the professional team of OCR experts without hiring them in-house.
  • Bulk volume of such non-core operations will be performed within your time limits.
  • Techno savvy expert team with knowledge of tools and technology at your service.
  • Custom made services are offered by India based outsourcing service provider companies.
  • Outsourcing partner from India promise to deliver high security for business data.

How to Outsource OCR Cleanup Services?

In India, it is observed that a systematic process if followed by the outsourcing companies to offer their OCR services. The process of outsourcing OCR cleanup services at Data Entry Inc is given as follows:

Collect Documents:

We receive the documents from your company in the digital format through your powerful scanning machines for precise quality of documents.

Image Conversion:

The scanned documents are then converted into an image by the OCR software. It is easy for our team to validate the data present in documents with our precise tools.

Generating OCR Results:

Through the OCR software, results are generated and data entry work is performed for the missing values and items present in the image file.

Validation of Results:

Our expert team verify and validate the results generated by the OCR software in order to remove mistakes and wrong entries done in the document during the conversion process.

OCR Cleanup Work:

To ensure the data conversion work is done without any error, our quality check team will analyze and optimize the OCR services for premium quality results.

Final File Submission:

Once the process is completed, our team will submit the final file of correcting documents and send you the same in the desired file format within the time ranges.

If you have any query or doubt regarding our OCR cleanup process, we are ready to solve your questions with our knowledge and expertise. So, feel free to contact us anytime.

Choose Data Entry Inc As Your Outsourcing Partner Today!

Our Company has been serving the industry for last five years with top quality data entry and OCR outsourcing service results. Get benefited by our cost-effective OCR cleanup services as:

  • Our experts perform high quality and high precision OCR cleanup services for clients across the world belonging to various countries as UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, etc.
  • The skilled team of professional is having deep knowledge and expertise in the field of OCR services with the use of advanced tools and technology.
  • If you want to get the cleanup services for bulk volume work, our flexible staffing method will serve you for the same to meet your deadlines.
  • State of the art technology is used at Data Entry Inc to deliver highly reliable OCR cleanup results for the business growth of your company successfully.
  • Strong team of quality check and error check is hired at our company to make your database and company documents error free and precise.
  • You can rely on our stringent security systems for the protection of your business data shared with our company for operation purpose.
  • Customer support team is readily available to serve you with best possible solutions for all your doubts regarding our OCR and OCR cleanup services.


Data Entry Inc provides a free sample run for your OCR cleanup projects to show you the quality of our services delivered by our team of experts. Share the sample piece of your project with us before commencing the final project and we will offer you our best in class results within a short time span.

Contact us to know more about our outsourcing services and other offered OCR services today! Get in touch with our customer support team to ask for a quote.

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