Resume Typing Services

A resume is a document that gives details of a candidate and its suitability for the vacant position or post. Resume or curriculum vitae (CV) typing work are required to type data present in resumes and convert the file into Ms Word document for more convenience in filtering right candidates. Resume typing services are outsourced by hiring firms, recruitment agencies, job aspirants, individual professionals, HR companies, etc. to manage and format resumes as per their business and project needs.

As a leading business, you must be having multiple tasks to perform in your company on a daily basis. If you want to get rid of the hassle of non-core operations, outsource resume typing services to professional typists based in India. Get formatted, typed and customized resumes for your business and convert paper resumes into digital format. Outsourcing resume typing services to Data Entry Inc will lead you to great business success with best possible career opportunities.

Our Resume Typing Service Offers

Apart from other typing services, Data Entry Inc offers the list of resume typing services as follows:

  • Typing Resume Content
  • Headers and Footers Typing
  • Typing Bio Data
  • Cover Letter Typing
  • Formatting CV Data
  • Managing CV Formats
  • Sequencing Resumes
  • layouts and Templates
  • Typing Resume Index, etc.

Resume typing services are used to organize your resumes in a visually appealing manner that helps to filter the data and select easily the most appropriate profile of the candidates. If you have any other resume typing needs, let us know and we will provide you with promising solutions.

How Outsourcing Resume Typing Work is Beneficial?

Resume typing work needs to be finished accurately as it gives the maximum benefits of its digitized formats. To achieve high accuracy in resume typing work, you need to use the best equipments and tools as well as professional hands. If you try to complete this in-house, it will increase your operating costs. Thus, outsourcing helps you for overall savings as it gives you access to better quality of technology and expert help for resume typing. Skilled teams of typist are available at outsourcing companies will provide you with customized solutions as per your needs.

Along with saving you time and money, it lessens the burden of resume typing services from your resources and let them focus more on the core business operations. You will get world class results for your company at affordable rates and also within the stipulated time frames so that you can ask for any last minute change if required. So, get beneficial by outsourcing resume typing services to a steadfast outsourcing company such as Data Entry Inc.

Procedure to Outsource Resume Typing Service

Our Company has developed a systematic process to perform resume typing services. Here is the course of action that we follow for our typing services:

Step 1:

We collect the resumes to be typed from the sources available and filter the resumes as per your requirements for better results.

Step 2:

After that we examine the resumes and choose the best method and create a suitable database for them.

Step 3:

We perform the resume typing work and finish it within the fixed time periods with high accuracy.

Step 4:

Once the typing work is over, the quality check team rechecks the work and rectifies the mistakes if any.

Step 5:

Finally, the error-free file is submitted to your company through the required medium ensuring the security and confidentiality.

Get in touch with our customer support team to know more about our outsourcing services and ask for solutions for your queries whenever required.

Hire Experts at Data Entry Inc for Resume Typing Services

Our Company is known for promising quality results delivered within the stipulated time frames regardless of the work volume and complexity of the project. The other advantages of hiring experts at Data Entry Inc are given as below:

  • Our professional typists are trained to deliver top most standard quality results.
  • Resume typing services at our company are available at cost effective prices.
  • Get high accuracy and high precision, resume typing work by our skilled team.
  • Data Entry Inc always hires experienced and knowledge oriented skilled staff.
  • You can save up to 50-60% of your operating cost with our affordable prices.
  • High data security systems are imposed for trustworthy business relations.
  • Flexible staffing method is used to give bulk volume typing results within the deadlines.
  • Customer support team will solve your doubts and give solutions to your queries.
  • State of the art technology is used for delivery of quick and reliable resume typing services.
  • Free Trial Run is given to showcase the quality results of our typing services.

Contact us for more details on free trial run and cost effective prices of our typing services today! You can ask for a quote on your project and we will revert back within 24 hours to you with a solution.

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