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Copy typing work refers to typing of data from one format to another as it is given without any changes made in the original document. Similarly, retyping services offer the same purpose of typing document data from one document to another. If you want to create a copy of document by typing the data, it is better to get the work done by professional typists and save on money as well as time. Outsourcing copy typing services to an India based outsourcing company will be beneficial for your typing work needs.

Data Entry Inc is one of the leading and most trusted outsourcing service provider partner company based in India. We hire best in skills typists across the India for highly professional and accurate typing results available at cost effective prices. Outsourcing copy typing services will assure you quality driven high accuracy results within the stipulated time frames. Select your trusted outsourcing partner today for easy access to expert team of typist at economical rates.

Our Copy Typing Services Includes

There are various copy typing service results offered to global clients by our professional typists at cost effective prices for the following documents.

  • Handwritten Manuscripts
  • PDF Documents to Word
  • Annual Reports
  • Essays or Scripts
  • Correspondence Letters
  • Resume or Bio Data
  • Application Forms
  • Invoices or Bills
  • Scanned Image Data
  • Survey Reports
  • Property Inventories and more
  • Get Customized Solutions:

    If you have any other requirement for copy typing services, let us know to get more flexible and custom made typing services solutions from our expert team.

We Process Quality Driven Copy Typing Services As

For performing copy typing services it may require only a typists, but it is necessary to develop a practice of systematic process for doing typing work efficiently. The stepwise procedure is given as:

Get the Details:

We understand the details of your copy typing project and have a sample run on the small piece of your project.

Collect the Data:

After knowing your project, we get data to be typed from your team mates with all specifications and requirements.

Select the Tools:

For delivery of best in class quality results, we select the most appropriate tool and method for typing work.

Perform Typing Work:

As per the given instructions, we perform high quality and top accuracy copy typing services within the given time frames.

Get Proofreading:

We have a strong team of quality checkers that have a close supervision to rectify any minute errors and correct them effectively.

Submission of File:

Once the process is completed, then our experts will send you the final file of typed data in the desired file format.

We also make changes after you receive the final file on the basis of the error type and changes required in the stipulated time frames.

Get Fast and Accurate Outsourcing Copy Typing Services in India

India is considered as the most trusted and reliable destination for outsourcing non-core operations by global countries such as UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Europe, etc. and these global business hubs leverage India based professionals for performing their copy typing work. It is not advisable to perform typing work in-house by hiring a full time professional and pay huge money to them.

Hiring typists virtually from an India based outsourcing company will give you high speed typing results without compromising on the quality and accuracy of the outputs. You can also focus on other core business operations by outsourcing to a partner company from India and assign important tasks to your core team for having 100% customer satisfaction ratio. If you want to achieve goals of your business, extend your business by partnering an India based reliable outsourcing company today!

Why to Choose Data Entry Inc for Copy Typing Services?

Global leaders trust our expert team of typists to get their copy typing work done with the utmost accuracy and quality driven results. The list of reasons to select us as your outsourcing partner are:

  • Affordable rates for various typing services are offered.
  • Quick delivery of results is catered regardless of work volume.
  • High accuracy and top notch quality results are delivered.
  • Strict data security systems are implemented for data privacy.
  • Skilled typists with high typing speed and knowledge of tools.
  • Comprehensive solutions are offered as per your project requirements.
  • Advanced equipments are used to reduce the efforts and save time.
  • Customer support team is readily available to solve your doubts and questions.
  • Free Trial Run:

    You can ask for a free trial run by sending a piece of your final project and get the typing work results within 48 hours before commencing the final project for checking the quality results offered by our professionals today!

Get in touch with our customer support team for more details on our cost effective outsourcing typing services and other service details, we will revert back ASAP.

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