Manuscript Typing Services

Manuscripts are handwritten documents from old times that require digital conversion for the preservation and safety purpose of old literatures and scripts present in the historical documents, scripts and files, etc. If you have any data present in the manuscripts and wish to get it typed by professionals, Data Entry Inc is your one stop solution for manuscript typing services outsourcing work.We have expert team of typists who have expertise in this work and know their way around the complications of manuscript typing services. We ensure the best services at very cost effective prices and quick turnaround time as well.

Manuscript typing services require a lot of dedication and concentration so as to minimize the chances of errors. These types of documents generally have a great use for the company and no fault can be afforded by the business. Trusting the professionals with this intricate work is considered the best for any business model. Data Entry Inc has served many companies across the globe in countries like America, Australia, Austria, Russia, Germany, France, etc. Try our free trial run available at our website and know more about our manuscript typing services.

Outsourcing Manuscript Typing Service Includes

Get the following manuscripts converted into digital form with the world-class results at Data Entry Inc. The manuscript typing work can be given as:

  • Old Scripts
  • Play’s Scripts
  • Manuscripts
  • Technical Scripts
  • Medical Scripts
  • Legal Scripts
  • Academic Scripts
  • Ancient Scripts
  • Theater Plays
  • Movie Scripts, etc.

You can have your desired manuscript typing service according to your needs and get the work done with high accuracy results.

Process to Outsource Manuscript Typing Services

Data Entry Inc has designed a proven and systematic process to perform typing services at cost effective prices. Here is the stepwise process we follow in performing manuscript typing services:

Free Trial Run:

We give you a sample of our work to ensure you about the quality and method of our working by providing you a free trial run.

Receiving the File:

After you approve our sample work, we receive the project documents through your convenient media like fax, email, etc.

Analyzing the Script:

Our project team then examines the manuscript and decide the best method to complete the work in a proper way.

Performing Typing Work:

We start manuscript typing work and make sure it is completed with high quality results before the stipulated time frames.

Verifying the Results:

Once the typing work is done, the file goes to the QC (Quality check) team to rectify the minute mistakes, if any.

Submitting the Final File:

Finally, the project manager takes the final, error free, file and submits it to you with convenient medium.

Benefits of Outsourcing Typing Services to India

India based outsourcing companies offer cost effective solutions for the various typing services. India has a large talent pool of expert typists that are available at cost effective prices and can be hired for your manuscript typing work at outsourcing companies based in India. There will be no need to hire professionals in-house to perform your typing work and there is no investment of resources, equipment’s and space. So, outsourcing will definitely help you to save on your operating cost up to 50-60% and you will get core business competencies.

Technical Support Available:

If you have any queries related your technical typing service problems, we will give you proven solutions for the same and ensure you about the full technical support provided regardless of the time zone you fall in place.

Cost Effective Solutions:

Get customized solutions as per your typing project needs and save on the service prices by tailor services offered by professionals at outsourcing companies based in India.

State of the Art Technology:

The technology that we work on for typing services is best and advanced that reduce our efforts and improve the efficiency of the professional typists so that we can cater you with bulk volume typing work within the deadlines.

High Data Security Systems:

To ensure trustworthy relations with global clients India based outsourcing service providers takes care of the data shared with companies with high security systems to maintain the confidentiality of the business documents.

Why to Outsource at Data Entry Inc for Manuscript Typing Projects?

Data Entry Inc is the most trusted and reliable outsourcing partner company based in India. We are serving the industry from more than five years with our expert team.

  • High quality manuscript typing service results is offered to global clients.
  • We offer cost effective prices for outsourcing services to suit your budget needs.
  • Get high volume typing results within the stipulated time frames with accuracy.
  • Data Entry Inc possess skilled and talented personnel with deep knowledge.
  • Custom made solutions are offered for your business needs and specifications.
  • Top notch quality results are offered with latest technology and tools provided.
  • You can assure our stringent security systems for your shared business data confidentiality.
  • Free Trial Run is offered to check the quality and accuracy before commencing project.

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