Digital Transcription Services

The transcription files that are available in digital format or needs to be converted into digital form are included in digital transcription services. There are various digital file formats for audio data such as .WAV, .MP3, .RAR, etc. that are used for digital audio recordings and we convert them in Ms Word or Text files for your convenience. It is always easy to manage files in digital format and transcription of audio files is required to collect data present in the audio with high precision. Outsourcing digital transcription services to Data Entry Inc, an India based partner company will help you on saving efforts and time by offering cost effective digital transcription services.

We Offer Following Online Transcription Services

Data Entry Inc delivers professional outsourcing results to various clients for their online transcription service needs at affordable prices for the below services:

Legal Transcripts:

For online legal data uploading or saving procedures we perform online legal transcripts for future references and recordings present in an online database.

Medical Transcripts:

There are various medical procedures available online that can be transcribed and converted into text files for easy operations and data collection purpose.

Media Transcripts:

If you have movies, scripts, theater plays, television series tapes to be transcribed and telecast online then hire our professional team for the same.

Business Transcripts:

We transcribe online meetings, conferences, administrative proceedings, seminars, etc. and provide you high quality results with precision.

Academic Transcripts:

To manage your notes and study material, it is essential to get lectures transcribed along with research thesis work for converting into text documents.

General Transcripts:

If you have any audio file to be transcribed in the digital form or want to convert in the digital form, we will perform high end transcription services for the same.

Audio/Video Transcripts:

All types of audio and video files are transcribed by our skilled team with quality driven results for your online transcription services at affordable prices.

If you want to know other outsourcing digital transcription services that we offer, get in touch with our customer support team and ask them for a quote today!

Get Top Quality Outsourcing Online Transcription Services

There are various reasons to convert audio files into digital form and also to manage the data online in the text form is easy as compared to recordings. Thus, many business houses outsource online transcription services to India based companies that offer lower prices for non-core operations and help to save on your budget. Outsourcing companies as Data Entry Inc are known for top notch quality service delivery for digital transcription service work and do not compromise on the accuracy of bulk volume. Choose our professional transcribers for your online transcription services for more benefits.

Process to Perform Digital Transcription Service in India

The stepwise proven method is performed by our professional transcribers to give you highly accuracy results and quick delivery of services.

Step 1:

Collect the online transcription file to perform transcription work.

Step 2:

Scrutinize the data for selecting most suitable methods and tools.

Step 3:

Our team will perform digital transcription services with high efficiency.

Step 4:

We perform quality check round to ensure error free data on text file.

Step 5:

You will receive a final file of the project once the process is complete.

Why to Outsource Digital Transcription Service at Data Entry Inc?

Data Entry Inc possesses a team of professional transcribers to perform online transcription services for clients across the globe and serve them various benefits as follows:

  • Quality driven digital transcription services are offered by transcribers at the Data Entry Inc.
  • Get high accuracy and quick delivery of results for bulk volume transcription work.
  • You can avail the benefits of our low costs for outsourced online transcription services.
  • We use state of the art technology and the latest tools for performing flawless quality results.
  • High data security systems are established for your shared data confidentiality purpose.
  • Customized solutions are offered to clients as per their transcription needs and project.
  • Free Trial Run is available for your sample piece of project for the quality check purpose.

Get in touch with our customer relations team to know more about our superior quality and affordable digital transcription services. Ask for a quote on your outsourcing online transcription project today!

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