Jewellery Photo Editing Services

Jewellery photographs demand perfection in all aspects to fulfil their actual purpose of marking their place in this ever-growing market. Photographers use high-definition cameras to get the best quality of jewellery images. Yet some dust particles or unwanted reflections and shadows ruin the photos. Jewellery photo retouching services clean up your photographs to provide you the perfect images of your jewellery pieces. Data Entry Inc possesses the best skilled team of photo editors along with the latest photo retouching software and tools. Our experienced editors have created satisfactory results, using Photoshop and Lightroom applications, for clients from various nations. Their advanced knowledge enhances the shine and glamour in your photos and improves the looks of the original designs. Avail the best-class jewellery photo retouching services at highly cost-effective prices today.

High-End Editing Services Offered by Data Entry Inc.

Jewellery photos become alluring to the audience if they excel in shine and design. Data Entry Inc focuses on this part and makes the pictures as appealing as possible by adding necessary filters and glittering effects. Following are the editing services offered by our expert editing team:

Blemish and Spot Removal:

Cleaning up the dust particles and unnecessary noise from the background will highlight the jewellery piece.

Background Removal:

The background surface or mannequin that covers any part of the design is blended out of the picture.

Colour Blend Enhancement:

The proper colour of the jewellery (gold, rose gold, white, silver) is enhanced and the background colour is appropriately set so that both can be distinctly recognised.

Image Resizing and Scaling:

If the image has objects other than the jewellery piece, we crop them out and position the image at right angles.

Shine Enrichment/ Retouching:

Adding glittering effect and enhancing the shine of diamonds or pearls makes it more glorious.

Mirror Effect Addition:

Adding proper shadows and mirroring effect for rings and bracelets makes it more tempting for its targeted audience.

Colour Correction:

Changing colour of the jewellery or improving its original colour helps people understand the elements of the design.

Why to Outsource Jewellery Photo Editing Services?

Photo editing requires a lot of skill and patience to create the perfect designs. The right amount of filtering and retouching can be known by experts only. Jewellers, catalogue and brochure publishers, and even designers have loads of jewellery photographs needing to be edited. Hiring an expert in-house will waste your time, money and resources as well. Outsourcing to an India based reliable editing services provider company will take off this burden from you. You can access a competent team of photo editors without owning them and get better results as per your requirements. The affordable rates of outsourcing jewellery photo editing services help you to save a lot on your budget as well. Choose Data Entry Inc as your outsourcing partner today and avail all the benefits of our first-rated jewellery editing services today!

Benefits of Outsourcing to Data Entry Inc.

Data Entry Inc offers you the ultimate outsourcing solutions for all your jewellery retouching solutions. Here are the benefits we provide to our clients:

  • Preeminent quality achieved for all your jewellery photographs
  • Use of high-end technology and the latest editing software to leave no chances of errors
  • Experienced team of photo editors to perform the editing work
  • Very economical prices to help you save up to 50% on your budget
  • On-time deliveries with quick turnaround time for solving last-minute queries
  • Flexible staffing methods for bulk volume projects
  • Utmost care is taken for the security and safety of your business data
  • ISO certificate marks our dedication and authenticity towards our work
  • Customer support team to solve your questions anytime

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