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Data stored in various documents is an asset to the company, it is important to keep the data handy and secure for every business to survive the competition. Documents are created on a large scale in major companies belonging to various industries as legal, medical, education, research, e-Commerce, design, engineering, etc. It is quite difficult to manage these documents and store them for a longer period of time, but there needs to be a solution for the same. Outsourcing document management services to an India based company providing cost effective services is a possible solution for such scenario.

Our Company is offering document management services to clients across the globe with top-notch quality results and high precision for more than five years. We have a strong team of data management with skills and expertise in this field. We will keep your documents handy, easy retrieval of data, document storage solutions and also provide indexing services for your documents. Our experts will serve you with prominent solutions that will guide you through the data management process and save on your operating costs up to 50-60% with their best quality outsourcing services.

We Serve Following Document Management Services

Data Entry Inc is known for the superior quality services offered to clients that help to manage them with documents of business and save on time with the cost effective services. Our services offer:

Data Conversion Service:

To manage the documents in database, it is essential to convert them into achieving files that will not take much storage space. Data conversion done from various formats into database format to store the data in proper format for easy retrieval of the information or documents.

Data Processing Service:

When the documents are stored in a database, they can have different file formats that may not support the system; in order to make alignments of documents they are processed. It is necessary to process data for the retention of information and use of the same.

Document Integrity Maintenance:

As document management service is outsourced to a professional in India, it is important to have data integrity as the documents are precious for the business. Our company provides high integrity for document management offered by our expert professionals.

Document Management Access:

You must have easy access to your documents, as and when required in your business operations. We will offer you easy access points for your data so that it is just a click away and you can operate using those documents from your business locations.

Access to Retrieval of Data:

Not only the access, but you can also retrieve the data present in your documents. We will provide you an easy retrieval of data into your systems to empower you with high quality and high efficiency database management systems.

Document and Data Indexing:

To find the data in time of emergencies, our experts offer you document indexing services that will list your documents in a systematic manner to provide you managed database. It will be very quick to find any information present in various documents at a time.

Document Annotation:

When you have many operations to be performed at one go, you do not have enough time to look at all the documents in the details, and thus we offer you document annotation services. It will give you a brief about the information or data stored in that particular document.

Engineering Document Management

Engineering industry has a wide application of document management services due to the detailed specifications of the engineering field. They need an efficient system for documents to manage, store and retrieve the data that is available at remote locations.

Benefits of Outsourcing Document Management

  • Document management becomes efficient and requires no storage space.
  • Easy access to data present in documents as and when needed for operations.
  • Saving on costs by reducing the document management hassle within the workplace.
  • Use of technology and software to manage documents offered by a service provider.
  • Support staff to ensure help with document management queries and problems.
  • Cost effective and comprehensive document management solutions from expert team.
  • High end data security systems and data protection for your business documents.

Process to Outsource Document Management Service

Our Company follows a proven stepwise procedure to perform document management services for your business needs as follows:

Step 1:

Collect the documents to be managed with the help of secure systems and understand your needs and specifications for document management.

Step 2:

Our expert team will analyze the documents and accordingly design a pattern or method to manage your business documents efficiently.

Step 3:

We process your documents and perform the document management services as per your desired quality results with our skilled team.

Step 4:

To have an error free database for your documents, we perform stringent quality check rounds and make your documents database error free.

Step 5:

We will submit your documents as and when needed in your business operations or send you the access point to your documents for regular use.

If you want to know more about our document management services and systems, get in touch with our customer support team today!

Data Entry Inc- Your Perfect Outsourcing Partner

    If you outsource document management services to our expert professionals based in India, we will cater you with superior quality services as follows:

  • Our skilled team of operators is having high knowledge and experience for management services.
  • Get access to the professionals available at affordable prices for your document management work.
  • We offer high quality results with high precision and accuracy for your documents and data.
  • State of the art technology is used to give you reliable and efficient results with fast TAT.
  • If you have bulk volumes of management work, we have a flexible staffing method for the same.
  • Customer support team is readily available for solving your queries and doubts.
  • Get Free Trial Run to ensure the quality of our services before commencing the final project.

Contact us to know more about our outsourcing document management services. Ask for a quote regarding your project requirements and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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