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In India, there is a talent pool of experts that does data mining work with the help of various tools and techniques. As a leading and growing business, there is a need of data mining for the data analysis purpose. To get various information that is not available in the database, it is needed to be extracted from the direct source of information. Experts at Data Entry Inc are talented to extract the data as per your needs from online based resources as well as offline data available. Outsourcing data mining services to an India based company like us can help you a lot on savings of your money time and valuable resources. Our company offers excellent results at cost affordable prices. We believe in offering quality constrain results and had satisfied various clients from UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc.

Data Mining Services at Data Entry Inc

Our company offers a wide range of mining, Scrapping and data extraction services that can fulfil your business needs. Our special data mining services offered are as follows:

Web data mining:

The web-data extraction or screen scraping services provide data mining from websites, online portals or web based data.

Contact data mining:

In this, contact details like email id phone number, address, name of contact person, etc. are extracted from various resources online & offline with the help of advanced tools and techniques.

Image data mining:

There are many statistical data that can be extracted from pictorial ways, image data mining helps to get details from various images.

Social media mining of data:

The profiles of targeted audience and customer behavior can be analysed with the help of social media data mining and it is the most effective way to do market analysis.

Competitor’s product data mining:

For analysis of opponent’s product and their market trend, data mining of the competitor’s product help you to plan your strategies and win the market with wise decisions.

Data mining from files:

There are various life formats available as Ms word, Excel, PDF, JPG, PNG, XML, etc. from where the data mining can be done.

Thus, outsource data mining services to Data Entry Inc today and avail the benefits of our affordable superior quality services.

Featured Data Mining Services Offered:


For data mining of online purchasing products, our experts conclude the highest chosen product so that you can associate them in a combo.


In this, data mining of false items, fraudulent transaction or any black list can be made by data classification with the help of tools.


Data mining can be done in a way that common natured behavior is clustered for a specific category of items and services or products.


It is the critical way of data mining and is also known as prediction of future results.

Our Web-Data Mining Services

In the growing and furiously developing digital world, data mining is done mostly online and thus called web-data mining services. In this, data are extracted or mining of data is done from the various online resources available. It can also be competitor’s product data mining, contact details mining of employees or customers from web portals, online database, social media contacts or profiles, product specification details, etc. are mined from websites. As the work of web-data mining is very critical as well as time consuming, it is essential to outsource the same and have a reliable and trusted outsourcing partner company as Data Entry Inc. we offer tailor-made solution for all your web-data mining or web scraping work at prices that perfectly suit your business requirements.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Mining Services

  • Extraction of information from various resources.
  • Saving on time for data mining work efficiently.
  • No need to buy equipments and tools for data mining.
  • Access to talented professionals without hiring.
  • High security of business data and confidentiality.
  • Getting work done within the stipulated time frame.
  • Used of advances tools and proven methodologies.
  • Easy access to required data just a click away.
  • It provides sorted and categorized database.
  • High quality results with up to 98% accuracy.
  • Comprehensive solution offered to meet company goals.

Choose Data Entry Inc Your Outsourcing Partner

Are you looking for a reliable outsourcing business partner? Know our outsourcing service qualities we offer to clients across the world and make your success partner today!

Data confidentiality:

We have highly secured data security systems to keep your precious and valuable data confidential. Our secured FTP services protect your data with file transfers and thus you can leverage your data mining work at our company.

Superior quality:

Our superior quality results will get you desired outputs with high accuracy offered by our expert professionals and thus we will give you required results.

Fast turnaround time:

We provide faster delivery of outputs to meet your business deadlines with the help of advanced tools and techniques. It will give your business core competence and can lead you in the market with efficient success.

Skilled professionals:

We have proficient experts with deep knowledge and skills of various tools and software used for data mining work. We give best in class quality of results.

Customer support:

We offer customer support 24*7 to get you a solution of your queries without considering what time zone you fall in and thus offer you dedicated sales support.

Free Trial Run:

you can send the sample of your work to us for checking the quality of our work for free.

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