Real Estate Appraisal Data Entry Services

The Real Estate industry is in demand both in private and public sector, if you are into real estate business, you are required to manage the enormous amount of data which again needs to be constantly updated with the ever changing rates of the market, government policies and ongoing development.

Data Entry Inc. prevents your office from being swamped with haphazard paper work generated from legal documents, changing market pricing, tenders, government policies, list of properties for sale, list of properties for rent, commercial and non commercial property list, etc. our expert real estate appraisal data entry professionals not only help you organize but also constantly keep updating the information, to provide only the latest.

We are one of the top real estate appraisal data entry company that provides such effective and accurate real estate appraisal data entry services at such affordable price and shortest possible turnaround duration. We organize your data into appraisal reports such as inspection sheet data, subject details, comps, listings, sketches, etc. Our experienced team accepts all software like WinTOTAL, Aurora, TOTAL 2013, ACI Reports, SFREP, AppraiseIT, and ClickFORMS. To provide our customers with customizes solution based on their business type and size.

Data Entry Inc. Services for Real Estate appraisal data entry Include

Our company offers a huge range of real estate appraisal data entry services at a very affordable price and shortest turnaround time. We try to understand your business type and size. To customize the solution as per your comfort to whatever extend the need may arise. We extend our services across the globe to many countries like USA, UK, France, Italy etc.

  • Property investment data entry
  • Property related legal documents paperwork
  • Property tax appeals data entry
  • Assessment data entry
  • Mortgage lending data entry
  • Property buyer and seller negotiation data entry
  • Property lease negotiations data entry
  • Property insurance data entry
  • Property business mergers data entry
  • Consolidating buyer/seller information data entry
  • Non-commercial valuation details data entry
  • Commercial valuation details data entry
  • Creation of new databases
  • Data entry of sales records
  • Insurance as well as tax-associated data entry

Flow Chart of The Latest Processes That We Follow

1. We Receive Raw Data From You in Formats
  • Cloned template file
  • Public/tax records from NDC
  • Rough draft sketch
  • Contract or PUD details
  • County Assessor's website
  • MLS of the subject property and comps
  • Home inspection sheet
  • 1004MC data
  • Real Quest
  • Image
2. We Understand Your Business Policy According To
  • Sector of operation
  • Size of business
  • Country of operation
3. We Design a Customized Solution for Your Business Type in Accordance With
  • Subject
  • Unit Improvements
  • Plat map and Sketch
  • Comparable Sales Grid
  • Contract
  • Project Information
  • Zone
  • Project Site
  • PUD Information
4. We Organize, Compress, and Arrange the Data According to Your Specifications In
  • Win TOTAL
  • TOTAL 2013
  • ClickFORMS
  • 1Apex 5.0
  • Aurora
  • ACI Reports
  • Appraise IT
  • Narrative1
  • AreaSketch
5. We Resend the Processed Data Back to You.

Advantages of Outsourcing Real Estate Appraisal Data Entry to Data Entry Inc.

  • Data Entry Inc. is a leading outsourcing data entry service provider company.
  • Our company offers the best quality real estate appraisal data entry services with high accuracy results.
  • We offer fast turnaround time that supports your company in meeting deadlines.
  • For any queries, our customer support team is available for your 24*7.
  • According to your business needs we offer customized solutions that suit your requirements.
  • Our services come at an affordable price.
  • We have a team of professionals for quality check that give you error free results.
  • Our flexible staffing method offers best quality results within a stipulated time frame.
  • We use advanced tools and proven methodologies to get accurate results.
  • Data security is our main priority.

We would love to hear from you, contact our professional real estate appraisal data entry team and get your sample work done for free today. Our able employees won’t let you down.