We had done many projects but few of them are as follows:

House marking Project: In this project, we have checked on google maps and marked those houses whose development for top floors is possible using
Jewelry Project: : We have worked on Jewelry project where we were writing description about Jewelry mark and saving images of Jewelry in bit map format.
Currency note project: In this project, we had collected details about the currency notes from PDF into MS Excel.
Book Typing Project: In this project, we had collected the data from book to excel file.
Bank Notes: We are collecting data about dollars and year of publishing
Blogvin Project: Collecting the data from Blogvin.com and putting into excel file.
Excel formatting: Collecting the data from two excel file and pasting it into one excel file.
3M Data Task: Collection of 3M data tasks from website into Excel file.
Web research-Email searching: In this project, we are doing deep web research in finding the email addresses of person working in a company.
Symmetrycrm:  In this project, we receive loan application documents in the form of PDF and Jpeg as input. We fill the data of loan applicant into application known as http://symmetrycrm.com.au. We are working on this project for last 2 years.
Web-research & Data Collection for businesses on particular street addresses given.
Web research and data collection of law firms. Personal email assistance
Web research & Email collection: We have done the web research and collected email addresses of body corporate managers in Australia.
Barcode Project: In this project, we received the barcode in PDF and we put those barcodes into excel file.
Grocery Project: In this project, we received the daily ads for grocery stores in PDF and we were putting the product details into online website.
Email and SMS marketing: In this project, we had done the email marketing and SMS marketing for clients.
Ebay Project: In this project, we used to take the product details about lift kit from various source links and put it in to ebay site.